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Ryusui's new novel "King in the Mirror", released on October 15th from PHP Institute.

Michael Jackson was born in 1958 in Gary, Indiana. At the age of 11, he debuted in "Jackson 5" with his brothers and they became the only group who had their first four singles go to number one in U.S. In the middle of his twenties, the incredible popularity of his album "Thriller" made him the most successful recording artist in history. The legend continued until his sudden death in 2009. How did he stand out among his brothers and other musicians? How did he meet with the biggest success in this planet? What kind of sacrifices had he been paying to succeed?

Following the story from birth to death of the man called "King of Pop". You will solve the mystery of life, such as Glory and Downfall, Destiny and Fate, and Life and Death. This is the history of the soul of one man who dedicated all his life to music. Also, this book is the story regarding the one in his mirror and the reader yourself.

It should be noted that the cover picture of this book was drawn by Kai Chamberlain! In addition, Ryusui has already started translating "King in the Mirror" into English. Please wait for further information and look forward to it!


Ryusui starts an article with Kai on "Theory" released on March 25th, 2010 from Kodansha

Ryusui was not good at English until just a few years ago. However at a certain point he suddenly started to feel that learning English could be fun. After that, he dramatically improved his English skills and got a score of 850 on the TOEIC exam at the end of 2009. TOEIC, (Test of English for International Communication) is now implemented in over 60 countries and is taken by 6 million people a year all around the world. In Japan, TOEIC is particularly popular and is taken by 1.6 million people a year. Due to the popularity and the reliance on TOEIC scores, the test now has a great influence on the life of every business person in Japan. If you get a high TOEIC score, you can get promotions very easily. Conversely, if you couldn't, you might lost your job.

Ryusui is going to take the TOEIC exam three times this year, in March, July, and November. His aim is to get a TOEIC score of 990 within a year and depict the process of his original English learning method in a factual article every two months. It will be published in "Theory" (a popular business magazine in Japan).

Ryusui also discusses Teriyaki Girls and bbbcircle regularly in the article. In addition the illustrations in this article were created by Kai Chamberlain, who draws Teriyaki Girls! So if you live in Japan, from now on don't miss "Theory"!

Detective Ritual Detective Ritual

Ryusui's new novel and comic, "Detective Ritual", released on July 25th, 2009 from Kadokawa-Shoten

"Detective Ritual Volume 6 (the final volume)", is a Japanese popular comic series based on Ryusui's novel and translated into several languages. "Detective Ritual the novel" is Ryusui's newest creation in commemoration of last program of the series. Both are released on July 25th together!!

Here is a parallel world of Japan where all citizens are obliged to conform to the All Citizens Detective System and must become detectives. It was 13 years ago when the disease of "Mephistophelean syndrome" occurred first. This "Mephistophelean syndrome" acts on those who read a legendary mystery novel, and once they do, then continue to commit killings as if possessed by the devil. Now "Mephistophelean syndrome" has caused a number of innocent casualties. Appare garandou, the Hanged Detective boy, and his companies in Volunteer Detective Club get to the bottom of the matter and find out the secret of the world!!

Cosmic Zero

Ryusui's new novel "Forgetting Love", released on June 29th from SDP

Yuuto, Mana's much-loved darling suddenly died in a traffic accident.
After that, she receives one cell-phone mail a day from her lost lover.
Now Mana, a 16-year-old high school girl, feels confused.

Moreover a mystery gives rise to the possibility of an intentional act that claimed Yuuto’s live. What supports her is friendships, family love, and FORGETTING LOVE.

How long can people hold love in their memory?

Fantastic and emotional climax waits here for you!
Ryusui’s first pure love mystery!

Cosmic Zero

Ryusui's new novel "Cosmic Zero", released on May 26th from Bungeishunju

Update: You can now read the beginning part of Cosmic Zero at Bungeishunju's website. Click here to visit Bungeishunju's website now!

On any given New Years Day, several million Japanese people vanish while following the annual Japanese tradition of visiting a temple or a shrine.

Around the same time, the police headquarters in Tokyo has been seized by unidentified terrorists, and many politicians including the Japanese prime minister, have gone missing.

People continue to disappear throughout the now dysfunctional Nation. It is an indiscriminate terror; the targets are not only surviving Japanese but foreign officials who are also investigating the phenomenon.

Who the hell deleted all these people?
For what reason?

In the last chapter, you will face the unspeakable tricks and truth!

Black or White

Ryusui's new novel "B/W (Black or White)", released on May 28th from Ohta-Shuppan

Honoka Amami continues to be targeted by three different horrible killers for the third consecutive year and was dubbed "the most famous victim in Japanese crime history". Honoka Amami now works at the Victim Support Bureau of The Metropolitan Police Department.

Through this mission, she meets Takumi Makabe, called "a boy of doubt".

There are already 221 cases of missing people including his parents and classmates.

Takumi Makabe stirs in her destiny.
Is he guilty or innocent?
In Japanese, “Is he black or white?”
Honoka tries to get closer to the truth, but she is in imminent danger from her fourth threat.
Ryusui challenges the psycho-thirller masterpiece, "The Silence of the Lambs". Don't miss this shocking and controversial story!